Blueprints Conference

The Blueprints Conference brings together researchers, program designers, community leaders and advocates, policy-makers, practitioners and funders to learn about evidence-based youth development programs. The goal of the conference is to provide information on evidence-based programs and guidance and tools to help consumers implement these programs successfully.

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Blueprints Conference 2012
Blueprints Conference

In 1996, the Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV), at the Institute of Behavioral Science, University of Colorado Boulder, designed and launched a national youth prevention initiative to identify and replicate violence, delinquency and drug prevention programs that have been demonstrated as effective. The project, initially called Blueprints for Violence Prevention, identifies prevention and intervention programs that meet a strict scientific standard of program effectiveness.

The identification of Blueprints model and promising programs is based upon an initial review by CSPV of a program's evaluation evidence and a final review and recommendation from a distinguished Advisory Board, comprised of six experts in the field of positive youth development.

Today, Blueprints is funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. With this funding, outcomes have been expanded to include not only problem behavior, but also education, emotional well-being, physical health, and positive relationships. Blueprints has also been rebranded as Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development. More than 1,250 programs have been reviewed, but only a small portion of them have been designated as model or promising programs based on their ability to effectively improve developmental outcomes in the areas of behavior, education, emotional well-being, health and positive relationships. Blueprints continues to look for programs which meet the selection criteria.

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